Selection Committee Rules

Gil Artist Residency Selection Committee Rules

  • A special selection committee is responsible to select candidates to stay in the Gil Artist Residency
  • The Gilfélag board is elected during the annual meeting and will select one member of the board for the committee which will also act as chairman.
  • The Gilfélag board will select two members of Gilfélag.
  • The application deadline is decided by the Gilfélag board in consultation with the committee, it shall be at the latest on August 1st for the year to come and should be advertised 6 weeks in advance.
    • After the deadline, the applicants within 4 weeks.

The purpose of Gil Artist Residency is:

  • To give artists the opportunity to devote themselves to their work by hosting them for 1 – 2 months at a time.
  • To give the inhabitants of Akureyri a chance to get to know international artists.
  • To promote international communication within the arts.

The following items are kept in mind when selecting artists:

  • Artistic work
  • Quality of application and it’s interest to Akureyri.
  • Work in the interest of the arts such as teaching, research, writing and organisations.
  • If applicants have received a similar opportunity before.

All artists, such as; Composers, photographers, writers, architects etc. can apply for a stay in the residency but generally a qualified visual artist has priority. If an applicant has stayed in the residency in the past 5 years, others will have priority. The selection committee has to make sure the Gil Artist Residency has the facilities the applicant’s project proposal needs.

The Gil Artist Residency supervisor:

  • Makes sure the apartment is clean and linens and towels etc. are ready to use.
  • Deliver a key and show the apartment, help with internet, phone usage etc.
  • Receive 10.000 ISK cleaning insurance and keep safe.
  • Notify artists if an event is happening in the Deiglan gallery.
  • Say goodbyes and give back the cleaning insurance, given that the state of the apartment is up to standards.

If a resident has caused any damage, not cleaned or removed any property of the apartment, the Gilfélag board will assess the situation and can withhold the insurance and if needed, make a claim for the payment of costs for renewal, repair or cleaning.


  • The price for a stay in Gil Artist Residency is determined by the Gilfélag board with a consultation of the selection committee for each year. This is a monthly fee for one artist, two artists and a confirmation/deposit fee.
  • After the artists have been notified a deposit is required within two weeks.
  • Remaining fees are due 90 days before the start of the residency.
  • Cancellation policy:
    • 90 days before start of residency, all fees except for the deposit is refunded.
    • 60 days before start of residency, 50% is refunded.
    • Cancellations after 60 days are not refunded.
  • The Gilfélag board reserves the right to make exceptions in extreme circumstances.